Definition: Sexy Mother Foodie

Sexy Mother Foodie: \ˈsek-sē\ˈmə-thər\ˈfü-dē\

An über-foodie who spends more than 70% of her wakeful hours thinking about food. She is frequently associated with breeding, bread-making, and blogging about it. Her male counterparts are often described as metrosexual.

Known for holding media sway and the family purse strings, Sexy Mother Foodies are often featured on the Cooking Channel and The Chew.

Find them at home hanging out in the kitchen with an open copy of Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food and a wicker basket overflowing with foraged mushrooms and farm-fresh eggs with multicolored shells. Or, find them at work daydreaming about that image.

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tracy July 24, 2012 at 10:02 pm

The Art of Simple Food is my all-time favorite cookbook, and the one I recommend to everyone interested in ditching Rachael Ray for something tasty. I’m a cookbook hoarder.


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